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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

When is the last time you've been compared to Hitler? Well your turn may be coming soon. Hitler's getting more and more press the longer he is gone. What an impact! JB

June 01, 2005

Rick Santorum compares Democrats to Hitler

Robert Byrd compares Republicans to Hitler

John Glenn compares Republicans to Hitler

Martha Stewart compared to Hitler

The Gallery of Bush=Hitler Allusions

George Soros: Worse than Hitler

North Korea compares Rumsfeld to Hitler

Hugo Chavez compares Spanish PM Jose Aznar to Hitler

Global warming worse than Hitler

"Look, he's a Hitler lover." Donald Trump on Pat Buchanan

Sharon is Hitler Clothing Line

Dr. Khan compared to Hitler

Madonna compares AIDS & Hitler

Ted Turner compares CNN rival Fox to Hitler

Ad Compares Taiwanese President to Hitler

"Those who support gay & lesbian families are no different from those who supported Adolph Hitler." Sheri Drew, who led opening invocation at 2004 Republican Convention

Sean Penn compares Bill O'Reilly to Hitler

Czech PM compares Yasser Arafat to Hitler

British Foreign Secretary compares Saddam to Hitler

Robert Mugabe compares himself to Hitler

"The actions of the Hitler-like district attorney & his storm trooper henchmen are reprehensible." Phil Spector

Archbishop Desmond Tutu compares Israel to Hitler

Rumsfeld compares Zarqawi to Hitler

"First there was Herod, then there was Hitler & Stalin, & today unborn children are being killed in their millions." Cardinal Joachim Meisner

Ralph Peters compares Howard Dean to Hitler

Ross Perot compares Clinton to Hitler

Hawaii ACLU compares Clarence Thomas to Hitler

Justice Scalia worse than Hitler

Smokers compared to Hitler

�What is the difference between Lomborg's view of humanity & Hitler's?" UN official denounces The Skeptical Environmentalist

Truman compares Dewey to Hitler

Schwarzenegger: Hitler on Steroids

Michelle Malkin: the Filipina-American Hitler

Jawa Report: The Pope = Hitler

Beautiful Atrocities compared to Hitler

See also Hillary Duff is a Nazi; Compatibility of Hitler with Angelina Jolie

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