"HOW SHALL WE THEN LIVE?" Francis Schaeffer

Friday, June 10, 2005

The further I read into BlameBush.typepad.com, the more fun I have. Let me share some of the fun from this a.m.

"Sick Dudes

The United States Supreme Court, a wholly owned and operated subsidiary of BushCheneyburton Inc, has declared open season on the chronically ill, ruling unanimously to deny America's teeming masses of sick dudes access to life-preserving ganja.

The horrible news had a devastating effect on the entire staff of Seattle Hemp Products. Helpless, I watched from my cubicle as a tsunami of suffering swept through the office, the icy hand of death gripping my friends and co-workers one by one. After years of 20/20 vision, Earl in Accounting suffered a relapse of glaucoma and had to be helped out to his car. Janice in Human Relations, severely crippled ever since a cast iron bong fell on her foot back in college, was able to make thirteen trips to the snack machines a day with the help of sweet Mary Jane. By this afternoon, she was back in a wheelchair, all because Bush won't allow her just one little toot of the only medicine that will cure her."

Yes the evil-doers at the White House are destroying America's freedoms and happiness -- as fast as they can apparently. Oh well, elections soon.

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