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Friday, June 03, 2005

From the ever insightful Dr. Al Mohler - on homosexual marriage

After all, the majority of same-sex couples have indicated no fundamental desire for marriage--only for the right to marry. Even in Massachusetts, where an activist court has declared same-sex marriage to be legal, the majority of homosexual couples remain unmarried. We can add to this fact the reality that the vast majority of homosexual couples seeking marriage in Massachusetts are lesbians, not gay men.

So, what is driving the demand for same-sex marriage? In the end, it has to be a desire to dethrone marriage as the one paramount obstacle to the full normalization and acceptance of same-sex relationships. As an institution, marriage defines itself as a reality, even as society invests marriage with certain recognized rights and responsibilities. More than anything else, the insistent drive for same-sex marriage must in actuality be an effort to relativize marriage by redefinition. As homosexual activist Michael Sigiorile has argued, marriage is an oppressive institution that must be destroyed in order to liberate human sexuality and establish true human freedom.

JB here: And there Dr. Mohler points out the driving purpose behind establishing homosexual marriage - eradicating the God given traditional institution in order to remove all barriers to sexuality: sex with anyone, anything, at any time, completely left to the individual no matter what the cost ( and the cost, as we know, is horrific).
"Let us remake God in our own image" says the homosexual activist and the "progressive."

To quote myself; "Well this ain't gonna work."

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