"HOW SHALL WE THEN LIVE?" Francis Schaeffer

Sunday, June 26, 2005

SATAN IS ALIVE AND WELL - and, as is common to him, he's found people to act as his agents. But Satan is limited to only certain types of people. He uses people that are filled with hate, are self-aborbed, and who falsely belief there is no judgement to come -- at the hands of the perfect and all knowing judge. These are the perfect tools for satan.

Found on the Captain's Quarters, a chilling post about the female suicide bomber who "failed" in her mission last week. Manuela Dviri of the Telegraph is credited with the story.

The ugly scars - which had been treated in a hospital in Israel - had probably helped turn her into the perfect would-be huriia (virgin), the ideal martyr, since they [ the scars] would make it difficult for her to find a suitable husband.

Biss told Dviri that she had not decided to kill herself over her scarring, but that martyrdom had long been a dream of hers. "I believe in death," she tells Dviri, in an admission that perfectly encapsulates the entire problem with the Palestinians in charge of the territories. Fatah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad -- these groups have never offered anything else other than death for decades. When one scans the political landscape of the Palestinian Authority, no one argues for life; one only finds varying degrees of support for terrorists and militias that teach nothing but hate and death to their children.

That's why a young woman like Biss dreams of killing children rather than bearing them. She told Dviri that her attempt to blow herself up was intended to kill twenty or fifty Jews, even babies at the hospital which the attack targeted. In almost the same breath, she asks if the Israelis will have mercy on her because she still hasn't killed anyone. It's this dislocation from reality, the disconnect between their obscenity of indiscriminate bloodthirstiness and their expectation of mercy from their enemies that also gives the best representation of the difference between the two societies, and why the notion of statehood for the Palestinians holds out little hope of creating a peace between them.

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