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Monday, June 27, 2005

As my most avid readers know from reading previous posts; I gave up on the idea of becoming a metrosexual - I believe that train already left the station with me still standing on the platform in my Walmart shirt and "Big & Fat" pants.

But no sooner do I clear that hurdle to health and happiness but another fearsome issue appears leaving me agitated and gagging.

The Sunday Telegraph brings us this alarming report:

British men are being told to be alert to a condition that could "put them on the fast track to extinction." Symptoms of the "illness" that has been dubbed "mantropy" include a penchant for pedicures, fruit smoothies and small dogs.

American Maxim, one of the biggest-selling men's magazines in the world, has defined mantropy as "a silent killer which strikes men in the prime of life." The magazine has been urging American men to be macho rather than manicured and to indulge their passion for cars rather than clothes. . . .

Greg Gutfeld, the editor of the British edition of Maxim, said the campaign had been sparked by fashion images of hairless men. "It's that sort of thing which is driving normal men crazy," he said. "I personally think television and pubs are the best inoculation against this sort of thing."

To read the whole blessed thing on Opinion Journal, click here.

JB here: Okay, pedicure, fruit smoothies and small dogs have been eliminated from my vision of JB utopia. However, I'm not at all sure I wish to add television and pubs (not readily available) as an antidote to Mantropy. I think I'll just double my input of reading Louis L'Amour. That should combat the mantropy.

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