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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Dick Durbin's apology on the floor of the senate elicited from Doug TenNapel a reference to the great Rudyard Kipling.

"Come hither, Little One, said the Crocodile, for I am the Crocodile, and he wept crocodile-tears to show it was quite true.
- Rudyard Kipling"

JB here: The biggest problem with hyperbole (overstating to make a case) is when other's are guilty of it. However when I use hyperbole it is fully vindicated and justified in all respects.
Poor Dick Durbin. The conservatives on the blogosphere had a field day with his totally idiotic use of hyperbole about "Gitmo". However, his "friends" on the Democratic Underground pretty much went bonkers when he made his third, and we hope -- final, apology on the floor of the Senate. It was probably his fellow Democrats in the Senate who forced him to apologize in hopes they could get his comments off the front pages of the blogs and off the hot topics list of talk radio.

Was it a good apology? I don't really think so but what the hay. Possibly the powerful negative response to his hyperbole plus the most recent Rasmussen poll that shows 70% of Americans think Gitmo is just fine will remove the Gitmo attacks from the Democratic talking points. But they'll find something else.

In the meantime; "Thou Shalt Not Abuse Hyperbole! - you Nazi you."

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