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Saturday, June 04, 2005

Beating at the Symphony

 I like this! It appeals to my a) sense of humor and b) concerns about the culture.

Fan Claims Beating at Seattle Symphony Concert

would be a very surprising headline.

The real headline, Fan Claims Beating at Snoop Dogg Concert is not nearly as much of a surprise.

SEATTLE-June 2, 2005 He went to check out some of the phat beats put down by Snoop Dogg and The Game at a Seattle area concert. But one fan claims he ended up getting a big fat beat-down by some of those who performed.

Richard Monroe says some of the performers encouraged him to come onstage during the show. But Monroe says when he did, he was wailed on, had booze poured on him and had his diamond earrings, watch, cell phone and wallet stolen.

Monroe tells a Seattle newspaper: They beat me like a slave. But statements from Snoop's people and the arena seem to indicate the guy got beaten like a intruder. A statement from the venue says a fan was removed after unexpectedly approaching Snoop.

Yes, culture matters folks. Let's be very clear for the racial hysterics out there - this has nothing to do with race. It is about culture. Race and culture are not the same thing. Who would be more surprised to hear about a beating at the symphony than at an Eminem concert? The answer is obvious. We can fight for the culture or let the cancer take over, that's the choice. The Islamists are not the only enemies in our society. Again, for the hysterics - this is not an equation of rappers and terrorists. To say they're both threats to our society is not to suggest they're equivalent threats.

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