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Saturday, June 18, 2005

One of my favorite writers is Jay Nordlinger who often has various thoughts of his posted in a column in NationalReview.Com called "Impromptu's."

Among other issues, he wrote this the other day.

"Had the privilege of attending my five-year-old niece�s ballet recital the other night; at least it was a privilege to see her. And the other tots. The evening started out with little dancers, and pleasant music, and pleasant routines. Performing in this recital were pupils ranging from about three years of age, by the look of them, to about the end of high school. And as the evening progressed, the music got trashier, and the dancing got trashier, until it owed everything to MTV, if not the strip joint. I mean, that stage should have had a pole.

What the . . . ? Sometimes you read indignant articles about the sexualization of young people in magazines such as NR, but reading is one thing, and being smacked by evidence is another. What a depressing evening; sort of soiling. Who�s more wicked than those who rob children of their innocence?

And the parents in that auditorium? They seemed to love every minute of it. Of course, you never know until you talk to them; the fear of being a square is strong."

JAY is right on in my humble opinion. However I must plead guilty to being one of those parents who's always feared "being square." I was aware of the curse of squareness at least by junior high and have had to fight that battle since. It's hard to take a stand - when you're afraid of being exposed as less than "Joe Cool." I still have a lot of growing to do. JB

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