"HOW SHALL WE THEN LIVE?" Francis Schaeffer

Friday, June 10, 2005

And then I found this website: blamebush.typepad.com.

It's all Bush's fault; even the mechanical failure of your Aunt's '96 Jeep Cherokee. Indeed

And then they said this:
"Recent news that President John Kerry's grades at Yale were less than stellar has spawned a flurry of anxious emails from readers who suspect that Bush is somehow behind it. While I appreciate the correspondence, I'm afraid you folks are missing the point. If Bush manipulated John Kerry's grades in order to make a progressive intellectual look like a slackjawed dunce, then he has failed miserably. If anything, Kerry's low marks are a testament to his complexity, a portrait of a man too nuanced to be pigeonholed by primitive methods of measuring intelligence. In fact, the entire grading system itself is a flawed construct of the military-industrial complex and should be scrapped."

JB here: Since I exited a small liberal arts college in Southern California after my freshman year with a culminative average of 1.98, I have to agree that the whole grading system is flawed. Later on, at another small college where I was earning A's and B's, I realized the grading system was "good." But then, like John Kerry, I'm pretty nuanced.

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