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Monday, June 27, 2005

Top Ten Signs That The Supreme Court Ruled The Wrong Way on the Ten Commandments Cases more

10. Justice Breyer's first-born son suddenly feeling "under the weather".
9. God now saying that justices are allowed "on" heaven, but not "in" heaven.
8. When the bailiff cried "God Save this Honorable Court!" at the beginning of the session, he suddenly turned into a pillar of salt.
7. Every evening, it seems like it now takes Justice Souter 40 years to find his car in the Supreme Court parking lot.
6. Justice Scalia's Sunday golf game interrupted by plague of locusts.
5. Testimony from false witnesses now completely admissible.
4. Justice O'Connor suddenly the recipient of unwanted "coveting."
3. The Potomac turned blood red. Wait! -- that's just pollution.
2. Manna supply has suddenly run out.
1. The golden calf the justices had installed inside the court suddenly burst in twain.

JB here: Yes the Supremes, in their infinite wisdom took a difficult ruling and provided the basis for lawsuits for centuries to come. To my un-lawyered mind; it appears it is legal to post the 10 C's in Texas, but not in Kentucky. Somehow this makes sense. Sigh,
Moses and the other ancient Scripture judges would be rolling in their graves if they hadn't already returned to dust.

As my son wrote, quoting the late Chris Farley: " Well la dee freakin' da!"

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