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Monday, February 19, 2007

Stealing the Church

California Pastor Stole the Whole Church
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Associated Press Writer

February 13 2007, 7:45 AM EST

RIPON, Calif. -- For nearly a decade, members of Ripon's First Congregational Church bared their souls to Pastor Randall Radic. But clearly it didn't work both ways. There were certain things he wasn't telling them.

That became obvious a year ago, when Radic pleaded guilty to betraying his flock and secretly selling the church and its rectory out from under them. He used the money to buy himself a brand-new black BMW and a laptop -- exploits he later chronicled in a cheeky, almost gleeful blog about his double life as a sinner.

"We didn't know anything until we got a call from the bank that he had bought a BMW," said David Prater, who led the church board during Radic's tenure. "He drove that car right down Main Street." MORE

Presidential candidates

(Anon Quote)
Once I asked a political professional if he'd come to like and care about the candidates he'd worked with, and he barked the old Cynical Strategist's line, "Rule one: Never fall in love with the meat!"

(That's so good. By the time we finally get to the presidential election of November 2008 I will be So hating the candidates; heck I don't like them now! But two years of this garbage? We're going to have people jumping off of tall buildings before this cycle is over.)

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

If you have questions about God read this

What is NOT an attribute of God?

A. He is Loving
B. He is Righteous
C. He is Merciful
D. He is compromising

Answer: D. It is always polite to let each other speak for ourselves and God is no different. He has explained clearly why He is not willing to compromise, while at the same time remaining loving and forgiving. See below for an understandable explanation…

::God-the object of all worship::

Being eternally perfect, just and loving, God is worthy to receive the worship of all. His supremacy demands the worship of His creation (Psalm 96).

::Humanity-united in rebellion::

The world is clearly not perfect. This is because we have all rejected the authority of God in favor of our own (Rom. 1.21-26). Independence from God is sin. It is rooted in a heart that refuses to submit to the authority of God and therefore rebels against Him. From God’s perspective, rebellion is offensive because it seeks a human or self authority (Rom. 3.10-12, 23).

::God will not let us continue rebelling::

This anger evoking rebellion has brought about God’s judgment; expressed now in terms of death, sickness, and inability to earn His favor, and ultimately in terms of eternal condemnation (John 3.18; Rev. 21.8). God’s perfect character & perfect standard require that He deal justly with us as rebels (Ps. 9.8; Acts 17.30).

::Jesus-the only substitute for rebels::

God’s justice will only be satisfied by perfection (Matt. 5.48). God demonstrates His love for us by sending the only suitable substitute (2 Cor. 5.21).

::Jesus-the God who became a man::

Jesus, Himself being God (Col. 2.9), put on humanity & became a man (John 1.14). In His life Jesus showed dependence upon God through perfect obedience to God & remained without sin (1 Jn. 3.5). Jesus fully satisfied the just requirements of God by offering Himself as the sacrifice for rebels through His death on the cross (Rom. 3.25)

::Jesus-the only means of restoration::

God calls every person to receive His gift of salvation by believing in Him: turning from rebellion & depending upon Jesus’ perfection for forgiveness. God accepted the sacrifice of Jesus upon the cross as the exclusive basis for restoration. God demonstrated this acceptance through Jesus’ resurrection from the dead (Acts 17.30-31).

::Jesus-the believer’s perfection::

On the cross, Jesus died in the sinner’s place. God charged the rebel’s sin to Jesus (though He never sinned), so that through the believer’s full dependence upon the merit of Jesus, God would declare the rebel perfect, based upon the sacrifice of Jesus (Rom. 3.26). Here God is proven to be just, holy, forgiving, & loving of the one who submits to & depends on Jesus.

::There are only two ways to respond::

-1- continue rejecting God’s authority (sin)…result: guilt & judgment

-2- submit to & depend upon Jesus (faith)…result: forgiveness

Sunday, February 04, 2007

"Good News:" simple but profound

Tom Ascol - Founders Blog

"The Gospel is all about Jesus Christ. I teach the people I serve to think of it simply like this: It is the message or Who Christ is, What He has done, and Why it matters."

And that is it!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Millennial Postmodernity

Anything to pick up the cheap hit!

(See KC Johnson's) Durham-in-wonderland which follows the Duke non-rape case.

It has been great reading and offers rich insight into the insanity of feminist studies.