"HOW SHALL WE THEN LIVE?" Francis Schaeffer

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Saturday, June 21, 2008


I drive a '94 Maxima with a lot of miles on it but it has just rocked along until this last month. It started to drive like it was running out of gas. I checked, it wasn't. Called my long time mechanic, Fern Bienvenue, who is actually a teaching mechanic for a major Japanese auto maker. He asked if maybe I'd gotten some bad gas. He suggested I buy a pint/quart of rubbing alcohol and pour it into the tank in case there was a water build up. I did; car continued to stop unexpectedly; act like it was starving for fuel. Then the "check engine" light went on and stayed on. It was now obvious that even when I had those "good fuel moments" that my 6 cylinder was running on 5. I took it to Fern, who analyzed the problem and informed me that a fuel injector had failed. He mentioned that they almost never fail. Failure is so rare he had to order the part out of N.Y. and I live in a big southern city. The part is about the size of a spark plug. Unluckily it cost $150.00. Fern said we would have to fix that before we did anything else. A few hundred dollars later the fuel injector was fixed.

This morning the Maxima AGAIN was having fuel problems. Fern told me to pick up a fuel filter. (He says, do the inexpensive repairs first. Did I mention I love my mechanic?)

I realized that less than a month ago ( JUNE 2008 )signs began to appear on the fueling pumps where I buy my gas. The signs say "10% Ethanol.

ETHANOL; BIG PROBLEM, particularly for older cars.

When I bought my car filter this a.m. at ADVANCED AUTO, I asked one of the guys if fuel pump sales were up. Garett replied: "THRU THE ROOF."

ETHANOL manufacturers are claiming; "No Problemo."


So the gov. has forced us to buy BAD GAS which will be very expensive due to automobile repairs of fueling systems plus the price of corn is thru the roof. Did I mention that Ethanol is BAD GAS? Did I mention that Ethanol is actually more expensive to manufacture than gasoline?

You're gonna find out on your own but I'll warn you; fueling system repairs in your old car may well exceed the VALUE of your older vehicle.

THAT SUCKS. But we "the people" keep insisting we save the planet. Somehow 10% Ethanol saves the planet? Don't think so but it will force everybody to buy much newer cars.

The problem isn't "them." It is "US."

Friday, June 13, 2008


For some woman, abortion is the ticking time bomb waiting to go off 20 years after the fact. Some women can't stop crying.

If you're hurting here's a place to start. http://www.abortionchangesyou.com/