"HOW SHALL WE THEN LIVE?" Francis Schaeffer

Saturday, June 25, 2005

I've been giving serious thought to becoming a "metro-sexual." It seems to be popular among the MainStreamMedia (MSM) and possibly it attracts the "chicks"; a skill which I've always lacked. On the other hand, it's always sounded a little "limp-wristed." Hmm, pluses and minuses. So where should I turn for input and insight.

Mark Steyn sounds off in a previous column;

"Mr Khanna comes close to the truth when he notes that metrosexuals spend a long time standing in front of the mirror. Insofar as this demographic exists at all, what defines metrosexuals isn't that they're gay or straight but that they're in love with themselves: it's a cult of narcissism. And so is geopolitical metrosexuality: You look great, you feel great, but you do nothing. You go to endless multilateral meetings with other presidents and prime ministers and you trumpet the merits of soft power, but nothing happens. It's a way of advertising your own virtues, nothing more. At a certain level, fixing Sudan involves going in there and killing people, and if your main worry is how you look you're not going to be up to that."

Until I find a better hairstylist, I'll probably have to wait to adopt my metro-sexual personna. Buying my clothes off the rack at Walmart doesn't score high inthe metro-sexual column either.
I could continue to just "be me" but "me" is growing older on a daily, hourly, minutely basis.

I suspect I'll just have to wait for the next "in" train leaving the station and try to board that one. I think the "Metro-Sexual" on track two has already left for Paris with stops at New York, Amsterdam and Brussels. I'm pretty sure I missed that train. JB

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