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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Self defense in your Home

Self defense in your home

The Brady organization is out-and-out lying about the new Florida law. First of all, the law addresses use of deadly force in the home not in the streets. The statute allows citizens to use physical deadly force against a person who enters their premises and is a threat to their safety. If a person within a residence feels an intruder will kill or cause serious injury to him or her, or that the intruder will kill or cause serious injury to someone else in that dwelling, that person may use deadly physical force against the intruder to stop the attack.
The law does not apply to incidents outside of the gun owner's home and Sarah Brady and her bunch know it. The previous statute regarding the use deadly physical force by a private citizen stated that if a person could escape from his or her premises and others in that person's home could escape, then they could not claim justifiable homicide. The new law changes that, and rightly so. Why should a person have to retreat from someone invading their home? Only a Liberal would advocate that people should run from their homes when threatened even if they have the means to defend themselves, their families and their home.

I’ve lived in Florida for 20 years plus.  Until I read the above article I really had no idea what your rights as a homeowner were.  I did not know that previously you could not claim “self defense” in justification of shooting an intruder IN YOUR HOME if you could escape.  Now you are allowed to “whack” intruders into your home if you feel they’re a threat.  

I’m quite sure an uninvited intruder would be considered by “moi” as a threat.  I think in California I’d always heard that if you were unlucky enough to shoot an intruder outside your home, you best kill them then drag them inside the house saving you from an arrest.

Fascinating story I heard from a pastor friend.  One of his church couples was asleep in their bed one night.  The wife had her arm laying down over the side of the bed and was asleep.  She awoke in terror when she realized someone under the bed had grabbed her hand.  She withdraws her hand, wakes her husband and tells him there’s somebody under the bed.  He grabs his pistol, kept in the nightstand and tell the person under the bed to get out.  The man, climbs out from underneath the bed and heads for a door; unluckily it was the bathroom door.  He closed the door and refused to leave.  By this time the couple was totally freaked out.  The husband fired several shots through the closed door and into the bathroom killing the intruder.
The husband was not ultimately charged but neither he nor his wife had been able to sleep decently for several months when I came into the small Alabama town and heard their story.  I don’t think my sleep would have been undisturbed either.  It turns out the intruder was an A.W.O.L. soldier from a local military base.  He was probably a little “psycho.”
The husband was devastated that he had killed someone by his own gun; regardless of the justification.

I have no moral to this story.  JB

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