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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Calif protects the Wicked

While I realize that ancient Scripture appears to be somewhat intolerant of sins, maybe there’s a reason?    

Cathy Seipp write a op-ed in the Wall Street Journal today called "The Sex-Offender Lobby," which begins:
Did you know that in California, child molesters and rapists are a protected class? It's true. Not only are California landlords banned from using the state's Megan's Law database to decline renting their properties to sex offenders, they're not even allowed to warn other tenants that these paroled criminals are now their neighbors. If they do the first, they can be fined $25,000 for housing discrimination. But if they don't do the second, they can be sued for failing to protect tenants against a known danger.
The ACLU has fought Megan's Laws in every state but never succeeded in getting one declared unconstitutional; but as a sop to those worried about vigilantism, California's version included the provision against housing discrimination. The reform measure, AB 438, would specify that sex offenders are not a protected class. It would also order that the addresses of registered sex offenders--which are often outdated--be kept current online…………………….
…….at least, [Mark] Leno ( San Francisco based State Assemblyman – Democrat) hasn't backed an affordable-housing-for-paroled rapists measure. He also once called a San Francisco police sting against Internet sex predators "mean-spirited" and "a waste of tax-payers' money." What, I wondered, does Leno consider a good use of taxpayers' money? Well, besides gay marriage, his projects have included hosting self-esteem conferences for young men, making sure the transgendered aren't denied medical insurance, and fighting anti-porn filters in public libraries.

Well there you have it.  With friends like Mark Leno – California Assembly Democrat – who needs enemies?  His philosophy; punish the righteous, protect the wicked.  I’m sure he’ll be re-elected.

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