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Monday, October 31, 2005

The blogsphere Impacts

The blogsphere has changed our world.     HERE

One that deserves study is how a lightning-fast news cycle, a flat-footed defense and the growth of new media such as talk radio and blogs sank Ms. Miers's chances even before the megabuck special-interest groups could unload their first TV ad. Ms. Miers herself has told friends that she was astonished at how the Internet became a conveyor belt for skeptical mainstream media reports on her in addition to helping drive the debate.
The rapidity with which Supreme Court nominations can become full-scale political contests would astonish previous generations. While one out of five previous nominees to the highest court failed to be confirmed, the battles used to be far more gentle. Nominees didn't even show up at confirmation hearings until 1925.

It is not that everybody is constantly reading the blogs.  Only a small percentage do.  BUT, more and more people of influence are increasingly aware of the blogs and when you get a call from someone saying there’s a big debate about you over on www.mylittleblog.com you tend to suddenly pay attention.  So the ultimate impact of the blogs far outweighs their still limited readership.  Even the Main Stream Media (MSM in blog parlance) now has become very attuned to what is being said in the blogosphere and that influences how they write and what they write.
The blogs were all over the Harriet Miers story; while she was both attacked and defended it really inspired close checking of her history and perspectives.  In the blogs, they can really put the microscope on you.
Stay tuned.

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