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Monday, October 03, 2005

Ethics free technology

Technology without ethics and a T.V. show too.  here

ExcerptAll Too ConceivableThe reality behind NBC's new fertility clinic soap opera.By Liza Mundy

Inconceivable is set in a fictional Beverly Hills fertility clinic, Family Options. It was a good geographical choice, given that if the show were set anywhere else, the staff might have to—for purposes of verisimilitude—occasionally decide not to go ahead with something. There is a real difference between the culture of East Coast fertility medicine, which is more hidebound in clinging, at least nominally, to the notion of "medical necessity," and the West Coast, especially Los Angeles, where a more consumer-minded approach to patient care prevails. In the Washington, D.C., area, where I live, many clinics still will not work with gay males, justifying this on the grounds that technically IVF is a medical treatment for infertile people. Many of these same clinics, however, will provide sperm donation services for lesbians, partnered or single, and other unmarried women whose infertility amounts to "no male partner." In Los Angeles—by way of contrast—there are doctors who specialize in gay couples. In L.A., land of 48-year-old actresses-turned-first-time-mothers, the trade in donor eggs is so active and so normalized that the college-age daughter of a friend of mine, sitting at a cafe in Santa Monica, was approached by an unknown couple who asked if she would be their donor. Surrogacy laws are friendly in California. Fertility treatment is cheaper in California. In Los Angeles—I think this is fair to say—doctors may debate ethics, but chances are the end of the debate will be: Yes. Which means that in the case of Family Options, almost every patient can be an unfolding storyline.

Can we spell INSANITY?   Actually in my first 28 years of life I lived in Los Angeles.  Lower middle class background; no friends of mine were television or movie stars and I never tried to write a script.  However I did once see Clint Eastwood at a gas station north of L.A. pumping gas into his pickup truck.  He was wearing blue jeans and a white T-shirt.  He didn’t say “Hi Rabbi-Philosopher.”  I wonder why that was.
But back to “insanity.”  God, the programmer if you will of all that is good, has a plan of how his creation should work.  A lot of us don’t like his plan and we’re determined to re-work it through the ethical-less wonders of technology.
Will our social re-engineering bring us happiness and joy?  I’ll bet the house and say “NO.”  Will that stop the social re-engineering express from charging on down the tracks?  “NO” again is my bet.  Will our social re-engineering lead to further pain and suffering?   Hmm – let me think about this.  (Quick answer for those of you still pondering;   “YES”)

One of the great foundation stones of wisdom;
There IS a God; I am not HE!

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