"HOW SHALL WE THEN LIVE?" Francis Schaeffer

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Dr John Mark Reynold

Dr. John Mark Reynolds shares some perspective with his students.

Advice to a Seeker
This summer I spent several weeks together trying to see the Good, the True, and the Beautiful with a group of students. These ideas are important if only because we ultimately find them in the Mind of God. Our quest begins with the fear of the Lord and it ends in our seeing God. This is the advice I gave those students at the end of the summer.
……………………………………..First, try to fill your life with beauty. Look at your room. Is it orderly?  [Don’t even go there Dr. Reynolds – ed.]  Does it contain art or is it a self-indulgent statement about self? Now look in the mirror. Do you look like a clone or are you dressing for your body type and God-created personhood? Try to decorate and dress to please God and to create lasting beauty. Take an art class that is not required. Listen to classical music and to good contemporary stuff even if you have to go off the normal track to find it. Most of all go to live theater and live concerts. Avoid expensive shows and find the authentic concerts done by folk for the love of art.

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