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Monday, October 03, 2005

rabbi schizophrenia?

There is no event that cannot be related to an episode of "The Simpsons." The freak-out among social conservatives about the Miers nomination reminds me of the "Kamp Krusty" episode, truly one of the all-time greats. You'll recall that Bart and Lisa spend a summer at Kamp Krusty, which is gruesome, ghastly and horrible in about a million different ways.But Bart refuses to believe it, because to have done so would mean having to question his faith in his hero, Krusty the Klown. But when the camp leaders try to pass Barney the Drunk off as Krusty, Bart cracks. He spouts: "I've been scorched by Krusty before. I got a rapid heartbeat from his Krusty brand vitamins, my Krusty Kalculator didn't have a seven or an eight, and Krusty's autobiography was self-serving with many glaring omissions. But this time, he's gone too far!" (Rod Dreher, The Corner; NationalReview.com)

(There maybe a touch of schizophrenia present in the ol’ rabbi. First I post about the legendary English author, J.R.R. Tolkien. But then I turn around and forward a post about Bart Simpson and Krusty the Klown. What’s going on here brain? Have we lost it already? Hmm, more therapy may be necessary.)

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