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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Grandchildren & Hurricanes

WILMA Go Home!

The hurricane season really needs to end.  Unbelievably at the writing of this post WILMA is a category 5 hurricane and is the strongest one yet for the year 2005 which includes Katrina and Rita.  They say it is headed for the west coast of Florida and if it comes ashore would probably hit as a category 3.   “Well isn’t that special” as Dana Carvey AKA the “church lady” used to say.  It is on the same track as “CHARLIE” from 2004.  Charlie destroyed Punta Gorda but was a very fast moving hurricane so it rapidly passed over the state and did no particular damage to my little corner of Florida.  It would be nice for my little corner of Florida if WILMA took the same track though we certainly don’t deserve that particular mercy.

The good news appears to be that there is not a line up of oil refineries that could be damaged by Wilma so gas prices are probably not going to rise.  That would be nice too.

Did I mention that we are weary of hurricanes?

In other news, my youngest sister Barb became a grandmother for the first time 2 days ago.  She and her no-good, rapscallion, ne-er-do-well, burden-on-society husband are to be commended <grin>.   If their grandchild follows family history he will   a) love words,  b) have as his economic motto “buy high and sell low” c) taste neither fame nor fortune.  The fortune part is easy to predict based upon the economic motto of my family.  But kudos to Barb, her husband, her son and his wife.  Giving birth to a child is a good thing; we need more of them.

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