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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Bring on the mumbo jumbo

Bring on the “mumbo jumbo.”        Read THE WHOLE TAMALE

Minnesota State University will host Mankato’s 24th Annual “Women and Spirituality Conference” this weekend. And judging from the itinerary, let’s hope there’s not enough interest for them to host a 25th. According to the MSU website, the conference will focus on “self-image, spiritual autobiography, Zen, forgiveness, meditation, therapeutic wellness, psychic development, Celtic music, Feng Shui, emotional physiology, interactive imagery and other talks and musical performances focusing on mind, body and spirit.” Hmm, where to begin… First, when hosting a two-day conference on spirituality, is it really too much to ask that at least one or two mainstream religious groups play a prominent role? Of course that might bother the chronically offended among us, but one has to admit that Christianity, Judaism, and the other major religions do at least play a peripheral role in the overall topic of spirituality. Instead, MSU focuses on nebulous and meaningless terms like “therapeutic wellness” and “spiritual autobiography” while they host workshops featuring Wiccan traditions, animal communications, and Goddess “magik.”

The further we drift from the foundations of radical pursuit of Jesus Christ, the more we believe every unbelievable thing.  “Spirituality;”  a buzzword for empty promises.

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