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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Eric D Snider reviews - Into The Blue

Eric D. Snider reviews INTO THE BLUE.  I like this paragraph particularly.

The chief benefit of having them underwater so much is that they can't talk. When they're on the surface, they speak, and they reveal remarkable shallowness (no thanks to Matt Johnson's witless screenplay, either). Walker talks, as he does in every film (and I assume in real life), with that lazy surfer-dude dialect, coming off like the tool he most assuredly is. And Alba -- sweet, lovely Alba, so soft of face and bland of personality, so unable to convince me that she is an expert in marine life the way she pretends to be in this movie. And then Scott Caan shows up! The one man who might give Paul Walker any competition in his bid for Tooliest Actor, and here he is!

Some of you are wondering:  “What does Eric D. Snider actually think about the film?  Well, read The Review stoopid.

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