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Saturday, October 15, 2005

God was a Trojan today

This day,  October 15th, 2005,  God was a Trojan.  Being reared in the wilds of L.A. I’ve been a fair-weather Trojan fan since the days of Mike Garrett.
( A long time ago).   I was very fearful about today’s game;  Footballs can take a funny bounce and the best team can lose.  Notre Dame had the  crowd, the Q.B., the coach, the players AND the REFS.  But USC pulled the miracle win out of the ol’ hat.   Whew!   That was close.
USC has now survived 3 consecutive road games against ranked opponents.

Major opponents left;  CAL and finally UCLA.    Cal lost for the second time today so they’re in the re-building phase and at the writing of this column, UCLA is also losing.  Possibly USC’s toughest opponents for the season are now behind them.  Victories all.

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