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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Kids and Corvettes

The infamous “Jay Tea” of wizbangblog reminds us of the vulnerabilities of teenagers and the responsibilities of parents.

In the second [case], though, we have a fairly clear case of parental involvement. Steven Miles just turned 16, and to celebrate his brand-new driver's license, his parents got him a car. And it was a nice "starter" car, too -- a 1998 Corvette. And I doubt anyone could have foreseen him getting a buddy of his a ride and blasting around town -- and ending up wrapped around a telephone pole. Both kids are in the hospital, with the driver in guarded condition -- rescuers had to pry the dashboard off his legs.
Kids tend to think they're indestructible. And every now and then, fate/God/the world/Nature decides that it's time for a graphic reminder that it's not so. It's the job of parents, and adults in general, to try to help the kids learn otherwise before they learn it the expensive way.
And any parent who gives a 16-year-old a Corvette is, in this non-parent's book, certifiably insane and unfit as a parent.   Jay Tea  
I don’t wish to be guilty of “piling on” as they call it in football, but I have to agree with Jay Tea.  Giving your 16 year old, testosterone loaded teenage boy a Corvette for his first car just ain’t bright.   On the other hand my first car was a 16 year old “Cheby” of dubious parentage.  I paid $30 for it; I shoulda just paid $10.  But it seemed like a deal at the time.  JB

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