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Monday, October 17, 2005

Madonna Clothed

One of the more interesting evolutions of a human being is MADONNA.  I’m quite sure she’ll never appear in public sans clothing again.  I suspect those days are very gone.   Now it’s starting to actually get interesting

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MADONNA WARNS: ALL WILL GO TO HELL IF DON'T TURN FROM WICKED BEHAVIOR; 'MOST PRIESTS ARE GAY'The former Material Girl now believes "the beast is the modern world that we live in!"  

I’ll withhold comment on  “most priests are gay.”  I’m not in the Roman Catholic Church so I have no first hand knowledge.  But her take that “the beast” is simply the modern world is interesting.   In the article she goes on to  say that the physical world is the world of illusion and that we are enslaved by it.

She may have a point!    Curiously Madonna knows as well as anybody about the world of illusion.  She has been a very successful practioner of illusion and it has brought her fame and wealth if not exactly happiness.
All of her various personas have been just that; not the real Madonna. The Material Girl, the sex goddess, the mantrap – all illusion.

She has children now; she doesn’t want them exposed to the illusion.  Shall we call it a “late conversion” on her part?  She sold sexuality now she works hard to make sure her children are not exposed to what she once sold.  

It will be interesting to see how she pays her bills in the years to come.  Having given up selling sex, which was her most successful sale, she’s left with her voice and her movies.  At 46 or so she’s just another over-the-hill actress looking for roles as a mother figure or matron.  Those roles are hard to come by.  As for her singing career, I’m not sure her voice was ever great but she picked up on some good songs.  However, that part of her persona is probably waning too.  She can’t do ingénue songs anymore and I don’t think she has the musical “chops” to simply make it on her voice.  But we’ll see.

THE BEAST; maybe it’s not the BEAST of the book of Revelation but our materialism is surely beastly.  She is right about that.

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