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Monday, October 17, 2005

The Polluters

G. Tracy Mehan III has some piercing insights into the state of our culture.
( National Review Online -  Full read HERE)
Norms, values, and ethics are a precondition of ordered liberty, a free society, and a market economy. Their sources are family, community, and religious faith. Without them, disorder runs rampant within the human heart and within society.
The family is the paramount human society which is threatened by the licentiousness (there is no other word for it) promoted by businesses such as Victoria’s Secret, Hollywood film studios, breweries, and Super Bowl promoters. Rather than celebrating fidelity and self-sacrifice in the context of stable family life, they promote self-indulgence that pollutes the public square from which it is impossible to insulate one’s family or oneself.

Ain’t that the truth.  The polluters are here in force and it is seemingly impossible to avoid the pollution.  Is there an end in sight?  Good question.  Of course if we’re taken over by the Caliphate we won’t have to worry about Victoria’s Secrets but don’t think they, Muslims,  are not sexually corrupt.  They are.  They just hide it in their little family secrets.  Where you have a society in which women have no rights, you have massive ongoing sexual abuse.  That is the nature of man.  So what will our American culture do?  I suspect we’ll just continue to deprave.  After all, here in these United States liberal tolerance absolutely rules as the greatest moral good.  And that’s Bad!

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