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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Written by David Frum for National Review Online


Andrea Dworkin, the radical feminist and antipornography crusader, died Sunday in Washington. She was 58
"Instead, we talked about her respect for the Christian conservatives who fought against forced prostitution and sex trafficking and her revulsion against Bill Clinton’s abuse of women. Politically she belonged to the far, far, far left, but she had little use for an antiwar movement that made excuses for Saddam Hussein or Islamic extremism. And in one respect at least, she shared a deep and true perception with the political and cultural right: She understood that the sexual revolution had inflicted serious harm on the interests of women and children and (ultimately) of men as well. She understood that all-pervasive pornography was not a harmless amusement, but a powerful teaching device that changed the way men thought about women. She rejected the idea that sex was just another commodity to be exchanged in a marketplace, that strippers and prostitutes should be thought of as just another form of service worker: She recognized and dared to name the reality of brutality and exploitation where many liberals insisted on perceiving personal liberation.

Dworkin was grimly entertained by the opportunism of Bill Clinton’s feminist opportunists. Her radicalism left no room for even the slightest trimming of the ideological sails. Part fanatic, part prophet, she had not a pragmatic bone in her body. And since she was never one to waste words or bandy false compliments herself, I won’t offend her memory by lavishing suspect praises on her or invoking a God in Whom she did not believe. I’ll just say that although I would never, ever have expected to think so: She'll be missed."

JB here: That was a kind word by David Frum about Andrea Dworkin who was a feministic radical of radicals but understood the real tragedies of unbridled sexual liberation. I do believe America will be called to account.

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