"HOW SHALL WE THEN LIVE?" Francis Schaeffer

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Found on an angelfire website.


Ecclesiastes 11:1-10

I wish that I had thought up the title, but I did not. It was the title to a book by the late Francis Schaeffer, "How Should We Then Live?" But the question itself is not unique to Dr. Schaeffer. It is a question that all Christians ought to ask. And it is a question to which we are brought by the Preacher.

Throughout the book of Ecclesiastes, we have been treated to a sober and realistic view of life as it exists 'under the sun.' It is not a pretty picture. You are born and you struggle through life and then you die. The years that pass by can never be reclaimed. And that realization should motivate us to live purposefully, making our lives count."

JB here: Francis Schaeffer had a tremendous impact upon a couple of generations of truth seeking youth. A unique man, he recognized 40 years ago that western culture was marching to become a death culture. He fought against that with all his being and until his last breath was taken. A brilliant, unique and utterly devout evangelical. Still worth reading.

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