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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Found on Powerline

Getting it backwards

The UN Development Project has released its 2004 report on Arab development. It finds that a good portion of the blame for the Arab world's lack of progress lies in the creation of Israel 57 years ago, and in the support by the U.S. for Israel's existence since then (our presence in Iraq hasn't helped either). That's right -- 300 million Arabs live under oppression because 5 million Israeli Jews live in freedom, supported by the U.S.

JB here: It is actually hard to name a bureacracy that is more corrupt or more hating of genuine freedom and democracy than the U.N. When it comes to the nation of Israel the U.N.'s motto is "All hatred All the Time."
Luckily for the world, the U.N. is also the most inefficient, feckless, and self-serving bureacracy in the known world meaning it primarily just says things (often very stupid as the first paragraph notes) and doesn't really do things. Phew.

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