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Saturday, April 23, 2005

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Truth is stranger than fiction

One more Kennedy thought

Here's a movie plot:

A man, ambitious for political power, makes a deal with the devil: in exchange for power and success through his sons, he will surrender his soul.

The first son is killed in war.

The second son achieves the presidency, and the father suffers a crippling stroke that leaves him virtually unable to communicate.

The second son is assassinated.

The third son is well on his way to the presidency when he, too, is assassinated.

The fourth son accidentally/negligently gets a young woman killed, forever denying him the presidency.

Mere months after the fourth son destroys his future bid for the presidency, the father finally dies, knowing that those brief 2 1/2 years of his second son's presidency was the summit of the family's success, and the beginning of the end.

Nah. Nobody'd ever buy that one.

J. (And one final note: three of Joseph P. Kennedy Sr.'s four sons died in service to the nation. With those kinds of odds, why the hell does the survivor have to be Teddy? The only other answer (other than the one above) is that Teddy simply lacked the courage, the character, the convictions to put his own life in harm's way the way his older brothers did.)

JB here: The Kennedy tale is truly a hideous story over the price required for fame and power.

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