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Saturday, April 16, 2005


Why do normally sane people feel obligated to insult morally devout men? Found on Llamabutchers

.............."Regent Law School was founded by Pat Robertson.

"Here's the money quote from the press release: (writes Llamabutcher)

'Regent is a university known for excellence in providing an academically rigorous graduate education based on a biblical foundation, said Ashcroft, who will teach his first Regent course this summer in Strasbourg, France, where the university sponsors a summer program on international human rights issues.'

The good side? Somewhere in metropolitan Lynchburg, Jerry Falwell is in a slow, simmering rage, ranting as to when Liberty University Law School can hire....James Watt?"

JB here: I regularly read Llamabutchers, a couple of Washington D.C. based brothers, one of who holds a lay position at his church (Episcopal). Their blog is a mix of personal anecdotes and political commentary. I would suggest they are conservative in their views. Yet one of them feels obligated to insult John Ashcroft, Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson plus a very fine law school at Regent University.

When it comes to sending your child to law school; would it not be best to send them to an institution that thinks personal and corporate ethical values are very important v.s. a law school where the only value is making a lot of money in the profession, ethically or otherwise.

Finally as to the personal conduct of Falwell, Robertson and Ashcroft, would you not prefer them as your next door neighbor as opposed to Bill Clinton, Seymour Hersh, Barbara Boxer or a myriad of other religious left liberals? I know who I'd chose.

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t0m said...

I don't know Seymore, but I have tremendous respect for Bill and a secret crush on Babs. I think Ashcroft or Fallwell would be the kind of neighbors to look down on me and complain that the music is too loud or my friends too weird. I prefer the kind of neighbors who would come over and join in the band. And Bill plays sax. I want a neighbor who plays sax.

BTW, I don't consider the tacit disregard of torture to be the trait of a morally devout man. We can agree to disagree on that point. And speaking of corporate ethics, How can Ashcroft ever explain the bizarre prosecution of U.S. v Accenture. No personal responsibility for the Friends of Aschroft. That's what corporations are for.