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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

There's a new religion in town; the Unitarian Jihad

Unchurch Militant
In case you haven't seen the latest religious craze sweeping the country, allow me to present the Unitarian Jihad. Motto - "Believe whatever you like, so long as you blow something up for it." Llamabutchers

And there's this website that will automatically assign you a name. JB's assigned name is:

"The Cattle Prod of Warm Humanitarianism"

Quite fitting don't you think?

Go ahead; log on to Your Unitarian Jihad Name
and comeback and post letting all the readers of "rabbiphilosopher" find pleasure in your new indentification.

1 comment:

Viking said...

Checked out the Unitarian Jihad site - scary stuff. They first assigned me this silly moniker "Brother Cattle Prod of Quiet Reflection". That would seem to relate me to more siblings and I can't get along with the ones I have now. I appealed.

Then this came up "The Shuriken of Looking at All Sides of the Question". That looked really interesting until I Googled Shuriken, the Japanese are of throwing hand-hidden blades, i.e., those Ninja stars. It did lead me to an interesting URL though which offered to sell the Star of David Ninja Shuriken, a Star of David blade "that can main, kill, and start wars." I quickly departed that site.

Returning to the Unitarian Jihad site, a place of serenity and security, I appealed a second time for a new name and got this "The Sabre of Mild Reason".

Quite suitable for a left-coaster don't you think? Slight threat of violence coupled with slight threat of reasonableness.