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Friday, April 15, 2005

A libertarian's argument for marriage found on AlbertMohler.Com

"Morse also recognizes that "the deconstruction of marriage into a series of temporary couplings with unspecified numbers and genders of people" has been made possible only by the language of individual choice and the concept of personal autonomy. As she recognizes, such rhetoric "has a powerful hold over the American mind." Nevertheless, she is brave to resist this tide. "It is simply not possible to have a minimum government and a society with no social or legal norms about family structure, sexual behavior, and childrearing. The state will have to provide support for people with loose or nonexistent ties to their families. The state will have to sanction truly destructive behavior, as always. The destructive behavior will be more common because the culture of impartiality destroys the informal system of enforcing social norms." As she concludes, "A free society needs marriage."

Christians hold to an even deeper understanding of marriage--one that roots the institution in something deeper than "organic" vision. Nevertheless, Jennifer Roback Morse's arguments represent a brilliant and useful refutation of precisely the sort of libertarian arguments we now confront in the public square. Her article deserves careful attention from all who value and honor the institution of marriage. We can extend full agreement to her claim that "a free society needs marriage." To that we must add what we also know-- humanity needs marriage, by God's design."

JB here: A large factor in the deconstruction of the traditional marriage continues to be the desire of millions to have complete sexual freedom no matter how damning or destructive it is. Unrestrained sexuality destroys all it touches. But we the people don't want to hear that. So the destruction of mankind continues a pace.

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