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Monday, April 18, 2005


TIME Magazine features Ann Coulter on its cover this week. For those of you living in the Brazilian rainforest, Ann Coulter is an attractive blond female who writes hilarious political prose ( hilarious if you tend to be conservative; hate speech if you're a radical/liberal type) and speaks out on various political issues.

TIME, in highlighting Ann, used some pictures including some "protestors" at the G.O.P convention last year. Unluckily for Time, the pictures used included "protest" against Ann by the conservative parody group, Communists for Kerry. This small band of humorists have a terrific web site and did some funny stuff including fooling the likes of Fox News and others.

Now when Fox News got fooled, nobody was too aware of Communists for Kerry, but anybody who regularly follows the political blogosphere became aware of them and their terrifically humorous schtick. Somehow TIME magazine missed this leading to their current gaffe.

So here's to a litte Egg on the Face (versus Pie in the Face - such as was thrown at Ann Coulter while speaking at a college function a few months ago) for TIME magazine. They got snookered but it's not surprising. They're all too human, and they don't employ many conservatives. sigh

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