"HOW SHALL WE THEN LIVE?" Francis Schaeffer

Saturday, April 09, 2005

DH Lawrence wrote:

For the knowledge of the self-apart-from-God
is an abyss down which the soul can slip
writhing and twisting in all the revolutions
of the unfinished plunge
of self-awareness, now apart from God, falling
fathomless, fathomless, self-consciousness wriggling
writhing deeper and deeper in all the minutiae of self-knowledge, downwards, exhaustive,
yet never, never coming to the bottom. . . .

JB here; In psychotherapy a lot of clients want to find that specific brick in the wall of their life that will explain and delineate their pains, sorrows, failures and neurosis.
But as DH apparently wrote, "yet never, never coming to the bottom...."

There are things about you/us that will always be hidden from self-knowledge. God alone has the full picture. We, despite our introspections, will only see dimly. JB

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