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Sunday, April 10, 2005

From the London Sunday Times ( check Timesonline )

The Sunday Times

Coroner seeks inquiry into ‘mass euthanasia’ at hospital
by Lois Rogers, Medical Editor
A CORONER is demanding a public inquiry into claims that 11 hospital patients were deliberately starved to death. He believes that it could be Britain’s first case of forced “mass euthanasia”.

Peter Ashworth, the coroner for Derby, will open an inquest later this year into the suspicious deaths at the city’s Kingsway hospital.

He considers the matter so serious that he has written to the Department of Health asking for the inquest to be superseded by a judicial inquiry with powers to investigate practices at the hospital.

There is now increasing concern across Britain about the way hospitals appear to be hastening the deaths of elderly patients. Police in Leeds and Hampshire are also looking into similar cases.

The 11 patients, all men aged between 65 and 93, died in the Rowsley ward for the elderly at Kingsway. A review of the cases, ordered by the coroner, found evidence that their deaths may have been speeded up by withholding sufficient food.

The allegations first surfaced after Jayne Drew, a healthcare assistant, alerted the hospital managers after the deaths of Simon Smith, 74, and Arthur Boddice, 81, in the summer of 1997.

Families of fellow patients at the hospital claimed that some staff had become so upset at seeing elderly people being starved that they had taken it upon themselves to feed them secretly.

One relative has described how it was distressing to see his father go without food. Andrew Hughson said his 75- year-old father, also called Andrew, would vainly stretch his hand towards meals being delivered to other patients.

We kept being told that feeding him would be bad for his general health, and he was too frail to tell us otherwise, he said.

JB here: There is indeed a "culture of death" and it is pervasive through-out the world. One of those sociological oddities that differentiated the U.S. from the rest of the world was our resistance to the "culture of death." But that resistance is slowly being eaten away as we move further and further from the Creator God's plan on how mankind was intended to live. If you're not afraid, you should be. Your chances of being old someday are extremely good. And then, who will protect you? We surely know the A.C.L.U. will not; nor will the feminists protect their own. Be afraid ( if you haven't committed yourself to the sovereign and living God).

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