"HOW SHALL WE THEN LIVE?" Francis Schaeffer

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Found on LiveJournal

"When I'm sort of old and am married and have accomplished a lot of the things I want to, supposing I live that long, I want the world to explode -- either from nuclear war or another giant celestial body colliding with it. The latter sounds more exciting to me. The public would first hear about this gigantic asteroid on a collision course for Earth about six months prior to when it's scheduled to hit, and about three months before it hits, it would be announced that it would without a fraction of a doubt destroy the entire world and there would be nothing anyone could do to stop it. Every day of those three months would be another day closer to the end of the countdown to the end of the world. The feeling this would give you would be absolutely astounding. You can just imagine the panic and anxiety and people running around doing everything they had always told themselves they would do if the world were surely going to end soon. There would be skeptics, I'm sure, and they would hide themselves in their houses every day of those three months telling themselves that couldn't be possible. The last week would be utter madness. Just imagine what you would do if you knew for a fact everything was going to end in a week. Who would you go to see? Would you seek out people and tell them off as you'd always wanted to? Would you go to your love and kiss them without fear? Just imagine waiting and knowing but wondering. Like a New Year's Eve countdown on crack.

I would dress in my best on that last night, go up on a hill with clear view of the sky, and sing and dance as if there were no tomorrow."

JB here: Ah, life on the verge. What would I do with 3 months of existence left? A) Sing praise and worship songs to the Living God at the Top of My Voice! B) Finally tell All Family and Friends how very much I love them. C) Start smoking the pipe I've always wanted to smoke. D) Eat like there was "no tomorrow."
E) Cease changing the oil on my cars. F) Find ways to spend my (limited) IRA. G) Recount the history of God's tremendous goodness to me over the last 56 years.

Yep! It would be a time to flourish. JB

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