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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Polygamy here and there

A lot of people simply hate the restrictiveness of human sexuality expressed in the ancient Scriptures:  sexual relationships reserved for one man, one woman in the bounds of a covenanted marriage.

However, our version of sexuality is wreaking havoc through-out the world.  (Hat-tip, Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs)

Polygamy among immigrants is one cause of the rioting that has plagued France for the past two weeks, according to Gerard Larcher, the Employment Minister.
M Larcher was quoted as saying that large, polygamous families sometimes led to antisocial behaviour by youths who did not have a father figure in the home, making employers more cautious of hiring staff from ethnic minorities.
There are fears that M Larcher’s comments could further fuel the debate about the cause of the unrest and possibly outrage Muslim and anti-racism groups. Polygamy is banned in France, but an estimated 30,000 mainly African families have more than one wife.      

I remember reading something about Brigham Young (famous Mormon patriarch) of yesteryear.  Brigham had 40 wives or so.  He once commented in a personal letter that “life was hell” around his home.  Forty wives?  You bet it was hell!  One wife is enough “hell” for any man.
p.s.  Do NOT call my beauteous wife okay?  <grin>

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