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Friday, November 11, 2005

No "Good" Divorce

In today’s paper, “The Times-Union” is an op-ed article written by Elizabeth Marquardt headlined  
All divorce is bad for children, even the so-called good divorces.

“It happens to about 1 million American children ever year.  Their parent sit them down and deliver the news that they’re divorcing.  But not to worry, they say; they’re parting amicably and assuming joint custody.
It was a soothing tonic, and it was swallowed eagerly by many angst-ridden parents.  But it was also, it turn out, a myth.  No matter how happy a face we put on it, the children of divorce are now saying, we’ve been kidding ourselves.  An amicable divorce is better than a bitter one, but there is no such thing as a ‘good’ divorce.”  

Then this surprising statement/statistic.  “Research shows that two-thirds of divorces now end low-conflict marriages, where there is no abuse, violence or serious fighting.”

I still think about what a friend of my said many years after going through a divorce ending 20 years of marriage for the Mom, Dad & three kids.  He said:  “I guess it was equitable, EVERYBODY LOST.”      How True!

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