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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Liberalism & Me

At this very moment, every issue supported by the Left, and almost all of the behavior exhibited by the Left is completely antithetical to classical liberal philosophies. There is no longer a commitment to personal liberty or to freedom. The Left is far to busy to promote freedom for the common man or woman, because their time is taken up advocating freedom for tyrants who oppress the common man; terrorists who kill the common man; and religious fanatics who subjugate the common woman.The intellectuals who once promoted the IDEA of freedom, now are ensnared in an IDEOLOGY that depends for its very existence on the silencing of speech; the suppression of ideas; and the persecution of those who dare to refute its tenets.

Excellent article by “drsanity”  HERE  

I like teaching and in the past when I did some part-time instructoring at a local state college, I had the reputation of being an interesting teacher.  Now I certainly wouldn’t mind being a tenured college professor and I do have an earned Ph.D. but my mind-set and worldview are pretty much antithetical to the modern University.  I am VERY DEVOUT and I am VERY CONSERVATIVE.  Either of these elements is probably worth of the kiss-of-death from a college committee looking to fill a professorial position.  On top of that I’m the quintessential “Eurocentric Male.”  They don’t come much whiter than me and I’m definitely attracted to women – in fact I’m married to one and generated a couple of children too.  

So if a position appears locally, I don’t even bother to apply.  Even if I could get away with being a “stealth candidate,” it would catch up to me sooner or later and I would never be tenured.  Well, enough about me!  <grin>
How’s your day progress?

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