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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Dr Adrian Rogers R.I.P.

Dr. Adrian Rogers, pastor Emeritus of Bellevue Baptist Church in Memphis, has died from cancer.

He was 3 times the president of the Southern Baptist Convention.  His was the  pivotal presidency whose appointments to the boards began to reverse the trend away from Biblical orthodoxy towards unbiblical liberalism.

Because of men like Adrian Rogers, the Southern Baptist Convention is not torn apart over issues like homosexual ordination.  Under Adrian Rogers, the convention has embraced Biblical inerrancy and has made ancient Scripture the standard of faith, belief and behavior.  Having adopted the clear teaching of Scripture as its centerpiece, many cultural issues and fads become non-issues.

By all reports Dr. Rogers was a pleasant, humble man who was hated by others, but never hated others.  He felt called to battle for the Scripture in the midst of a culture that wants to, forever, water down Scripture’s timeless and unchanging truths and message.

At this moment I know one thing.  Adrian Rogers ABSOLUTELY rests in peace.  His faith was genuine, his love for God never questioned.  He has found his eternal reward.

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