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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Mercy for Mary Mapes

A word of mercy about Mary Mapes.  I admit to following with much glee the downfall of Dan Rather and CBS when they ran the story on George W Bush’s Texas Air National Guard career based upon documents that certainly were not typed by the late Jerry Killian.  To see them “crash and burn” was rather spine tingling.  All those years of biased reporting without being held accountable were accounted for in one 12 day period.  Dan took an “early vacation” and several significant people were forced out at CBS, including Mary Mapes.  

A couple of points;   I could never see the fuss the opposition was making over GWB’s Guard service.  He certainly didn’t run for President based upon his time in the National Guard.  He certainly did tail off his time and effort in the last year of the Guard.   I don’t think his best friend in the whole world thinks he put much effort into the final year.  For all I know he never did show up in Alabama.  SO WHAT!  It was never, ever newsworthy in my humble opinion.  

But back to Mary Mapes.  I don’t think she’s a happy camper.  She’s the single mother of a 7 year old son.  She sounds like she was a work-a-holic.  She probably did not, and does not, actually know any conservatives.  She certainly believed that this non-story was a big story.  And she was never the “big dog.”  I don’t think she appeared on television, she wasn’t a star of anything other than a star producer.  Her career, at which she was apparently quite successful, has been swept away in one fell swoop.  Many people have said very ugly things about her;  to this day I’m sure  she wonders what freight train ran over her.

She is guilty of believing lies; particularly the lies of Bill Burkett who apparently struggles with his own demons.  She is guilty of violating the ethics and standards of CBS, but who didn’t?  I think she truly is “the fall guy”  (or girl in her case)  for CBS.  

She was naïve, and she has not yet figured out what hit her.  According to her book soon to be published, she is still pursuing the non-story of GWB’s last year in the Texas Air Guard.  Since GWB will never run for office again, do even his worst enemies care about his Texas Guard time?  They might care about their vindication, they might like to savage the conservatives who held the gangplank for CBS to fall from, but they don’t actually care what GWB did in ’73.  Nobody does, not even Mary.  She just wants personal vindication and she’ll never get it that way.

I don’t think Mary Mapes is a person at peace.  I doubt she knows how to get from here to there.  I don’t think she has a lot of wise, truly caring support; but she has a lot of people who would continue to use her to accomplish their agenda.  They are not her friends.

Mary Mapes is lost in the cosmos and she does not know how to get home.  That’s a bad place to be.

Mary, if you are reading this I have a word of support for you.  Find the absolutely most Godly, Bible-believing person you can even think of and call them.  

I promise you they will  a) take your call if you are truly seeking counsel.  B) They will love you and comfort you if you let them.  That is exactly what the truly God fearing do.  After that it’s up to you and God.  You could have great support and new friends but it would be with people you have been taught to loath;  the truly devout followers of Jesus Christ.  The ones who think the Bible is the very word of God.  Those people.  Ask them to be a friend to you and they will. On the humorous side there is ace.mu.nu.  JB

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