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Friday, August 05, 2005


Somewhere in my blog I should make it clear that I'm NOT an ordained/certified/licensed rabbi. But I believe the rabbinic tradition encompassed moral teachers; people who where somewhat obsessive about what morality is and what it means. I find myself in the later category.

As for being a philosopher? I certainly don't teach or receive direct pay for being a philosopher but I have an earned graduate degrees and I'm utterly fascinated by the impact of people's worldview on their behavior, beliefs, politics and ultimate joy in life. So to call myself "rabbi philosopher" is both a little presumptous perhaps but also descriptive of my interest and passions in life.

But here's a tidbit about Jewish orthdoxy in these United States.
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Officials estimate a population of about 800,000 Orthodox Jews in the United States and Israel.

Under Jewish law, the faithful are forbidden from lighting or extinguishing fire on the Sabbath -- a ban construed in modern times to apply to all electrical devices, including televisions, light bulbs and scooters.

The law does not punish indirect actions that produce the same effect, however. An Orthodox Jew may not blow out a candle on the Sabbath, but if he or she opens a window and the wind blows it out, then it is no sin.

The law does not allow Jews to intentionally carry out non-Sabbath activities under the principle, but it does provide exceptions for people in dire need.

I find orthodox judaism to be quite fascinating; I know little enough however. JB

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