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Thursday, August 18, 2005

AUTOMOBILE NEWS; KEEPING THE HOI POLLOI ABREAST OF RECENT AUTOMOTIVE DEVELOPMENTS. ( Rabbi philosopher; buy your used cars from him!) (Hattip - Hughhewitt.com)

Welcome to the OFFICIAL WEB SITE of The Studebaker Drivers Club more than 13,000 members who share a passion for all things Studebaker, and especially enjoy sharing time, knowledge, fun and memories with their fellow members. Most SDC members also belong to one of more than 100 chartered local SDC chapters in most US States and Canadian Provinces. There are also affiliated Studebaker clubs around the world.

Whether you are a long-time Studebaker owner or a young person who has just discovered the magical appeal of these amazing cars and trucks, we invite you to browse these pages for information and links to the very extensive Studebaker world. You can find, contact and join your local SDC chapter. You can check out upcoming Studebaker events from local cruise-ins to judged shows. And, of course, you can learn about the SDC, Studebaker history and the great benefits of becoming a member of The Studebaker Drivers Club.

And there's even MORE news to keep you generation Xers abreast of automotive developemnts.

Edsel.com and The Edsel Pages are designed to help new Edsel owners find parts and advice, current Edsel owners to show their cars, and future Edsel owners to find out just what they're getting into. It's all about keeping as many Edsel automobiles on the road as possible. No other agenda, no politics.
It's all about the car.

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