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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The Palestinian Goal

Troubling words by Mark Steyn on the Palestinians.   READ

By contrast the world deemed Palestinians “deserving” of a state ten, three, six, eight decades ago, and they’ve absolutely no interest in getting it up and running. Any honest visitor to the Palestinian Authority is struck by the complete absence of any enthusiasm for nation-building – compared with comparable pre-independence trips to, say, Slovenia, Slovakia, or East Timor. Invited to choose between nation-building or Jew-killing, the Palestinians prioritise Jew-killing – every time.

You dread that Mark Steyn just might be right in his assessments.  Whenever your read what the Arabic world is saying; it is ALWAYS about the demise of ISRAEL.  Arabs appear to be a 1-note-people.
It’s always negative; it’s always inflammatory.  

Is there any reason to think there will be changes in the near future?  I fear not.  The war continues; no end in sight.    JB

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