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Saturday, August 06, 2005

INTELLIGENT DESIGN scaring the Darwinian evolutionists to death.

( From David Limbaugh - Rush's successful brother)
The Intelligent Design Bogeyman

Our secular popular culture is throwing a fit over President Bush's endorsement of teaching in public schools the controversies surrounding Darwinian theory.

Note that the president did not recommend that the teaching of Darwinism be banned in public schools, merely that the theory of intelligent design (ID) ought to be taught as well. Bush said, "I think part of education is to expose people to different schools of thought."

The main players in the ID movement are not even insisting on that much. Discovery Institute, for example, opposes the mandatory teaching of ID in public schools but favors requiring students to be exposed to criticisms of Darwin's theory.

It of course is always interesting that the university academy is much opposed to any discussion that threatens their worldview or calls it into questions. It is also interesting to note that the intelligent design guys are not for mandated teaching of I.D., they just think there should be open and honest discussions about the incredible weaknesses in current evolutionary theory. But the evolutionist are NOT going to allow any discussion if they can darn well stop it. Next thing you know, people might believe in God.
ACTUALLY, they do. I think somethink like 70% of Americans believe there is a god behind creation. The evolutionary scientific community is DESPERATELY hoping there isn't a god.

Ach, if only we could have honest discussions about such things. JB

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