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Sunday, August 28, 2005


KATRINA: There doesn’t appear to be a port in the storm. A lot of people will probably not leave; mostly because they have no transportation or money; the elderly, infirmed and the cat and dog lovers may try to ride it out. They’ve now had windgusts on the edge of the storm over 200 MPH.

This is, as one forecaster put it, a storm of “biblical proportions.”

Here are a couple of posts from “the moderate voice.”

The BBC is inviting comments from readers who have info about the storm. And some are highly dramatic, such as:
The scene here looks like something from the apocalypse. People are running around the city, terrified about what to do. Those who are leaving have clogged the roadways so extensively that little hope remains for those who have not yet decided to leave. Gas stations are breeding grounds for fighting and riots, as people are resorting to a state of martial law in order to get the precious gasoline they need to move their vehicles. This truly is the worst part of the storm and it only looks to get worse. God be with everyone who is trying to escape the madness.
Sam Morrison, New Orleans, LA USA

I am from Pailton, Warwickshire, England. I am travelling after working at a summer camp. Me and my friends are stuck in New Orleans and have no way of getting out! We were supposed to have a flight to New York on the 29th September but it has been cancelled and now there is a possibility that we cannot fly until the 1st September or even longer! All of the shops are putting boards up over their windows and most shops are closed by law. It is frustrating because we need water and food. we managed to find one shop and the prices were very expensive. We are not scared that we will get injured - just at the fact we cannot get out!
Stuart Bird, New Orleans, USA

GOD reminds people on a fairly regular basis that we are not really in control. JB

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