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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Railroad Trivia

You've probably been giving some thought to trains and rail-roads in the last couple of weeks. I mean who doesn't think about them on a regular basis.
One of the questions you've been pondering is; what is the average speed of a train? Well, your sharp eyed blogger (moi) while killing time in the green room of his house this fine Sunday morning while getting ready to teach the "Sunrisers" came across this fascinating tidbit of information. It should answer all your questions.

On many of those matrixes, CSX still lags behind other Class One railroads, the common term for the dozen or so major North American railroads. Its train velocity, for example, is an average of 19.1 miles per hour, compared to speeds in the mid-20s posted by its competitors.

YES - 19 miles an hour; or maybe up to 20. Speed, speed, speed!

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