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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The curse upon the Jews

Ed of CaptainsQuarters had this fascinating commentary on Dennis Prager's discussion with Hugh Hewitt this p.m. (Read the whole thing!)

Hugh asked Prager where he thought antisemitism had originated and where it was worst. After responding (a long answer not easily summarized), Dennis said something that truly resonated with me [Captain Ed] as a secular Jew. This is as near a quotation as I can paraphrase; when the transcript is available, I'll come back here and replace my words with Dennis's.

The curse of the Jews, Dennis said, is to be hated by the most evil men of every generation. The Jews are a barometer of hatred, canaries in a coal mine: to find the greatest evil, find the greatest haters of Jews.

When the Nazis were the greatest evil on the planet, they were also the most insane and "exterminationist" Jew haters. Now that the militant Islamists are the greatest evil (though not necessarily the greatest danger to America; North Korea and China are still out there), they are also the most unhinged Jew haters -- and they, too, are exterminationist, wanting not just to disassociate from Jews but to expunge them from the world.

One of the curious things about the Rev. Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson is their support for Israel and the Jewish people despite the cultural and political differences. But of course, Falwell and Robertson are also hated and vilified. However, from what I've read over the years; neither of them are haters themselves. But they certainly draw hate. JB

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