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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Jaguars, 1 Peter, The 1/2 Blood Prince

IN the last 12 hours items on my agenda were the following

A) Put together finishing touches on adult lesson of the Holy Scriptures from the first chapter of 1 Peter. Questions and answers were found thru an internet search. I think lessons should attempt to be interesting. One of my theories is; the more you involve the students, the happier they are. I do NOT want to lecture for 1/2 hour or so. Boring, boring, boring!

B) Watch the Jaguars! Now I never played a lick of organized football in my life though I loved school yard ball and was at times, decent. Jaguars have a problem. They drafted this really terrific guy - Byron Leftwich - to be their Q.B. Fans, we all love him but he ain't got it. He's never going to be a great Q.B.; maybe he'll become a serviceable one. The same can be said of our backup David Garrard. Who actually intrigues me is Quentin Gray; our number 3. Quentin OBVIOUSLY throws the best ball but there's more to being the Q.B. than throwing the best ball. The number 1 challenge is to read the defense. I can only assume that the staff of the Jaguars must believe Quentin doesn't read the defense as well as the others. But, from in front of the T.V., everytime I've seen Quentin play in the pre-season, he's read the defense well and he can throw ALL the passes; bomb, bullet, fastball, curve, low, high - and they always look pretty darn catchable. Byron's throws are ugly. Ugly wind-up, ugly pitch, and he throws them all over the place. sigh

Well Jags won; I'd say our starters are better than Tampa Bay's but that's not actually saying a whole lot. I don't think T.B. will be real good this year.

C) Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. I got the book from the local library; had to wait 3 weeks for my turn but it saved me money.
Mixed feelings about the book; it's not a great book, it's not real well written (but neither is this blog) and it is clearly the setup book for the final yet to be written. It was interesting enough that I managed to read the whole thing in the last 24 hours but since I knew what was coming (A.D. R.I.P. - I thought it would happen in the last book) the ending was kind of anti-climatic.

SNAPE is the only interesting character left. He holds the key to the whole thing and J.K. Rowling had better get it right in the last volume. I'm not at all sure how Rowling will have it play out but SNAPE; he's the dude to watch.

Harry hisself has become less likeable. And Hermione has been somewhat supplanted by Ginny Weasley. That's rather amazing. No wedding bells in store for Harry and Hermione. I predict HOGWARTS will not be significant in the final book and Harry has done played his last game of Quidditch - trust me. J.K. Rowlings is sick of Quidditch.

There you go readers. I'm now going to wander off to the kitchen and search for nourishment. AND I'm still waiting for the morning paper. Time to do the crossword in the television section.

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